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BSKL envisions a more accessible and vibrant future for universities, communities, and their surrounding gathering places. We believe that easy-to-access personal transportation is essential to achieving this vision. By providing affordable, reliable, and convenient transportation options, we can help to create a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone.

سكوتر بسكل في الرياض

Want BSKL at your University?

Our scooters come at a nominal cost to universities

The university experience is important to students, and we know that they love the fun, comfortable, and affordable experience of using scooters on campus. Our statistics show that students around the world enjoy using scooters to get around their universities.

Parking and transportation are common problems for students at all universities. Our scooters can help reduce the burden of crowding and parking, and make it easier for you to get around campus.

Sustainability is essential for our health and the health of our planet. Our bikes help reduce carbon emissions and environmental damage caused by other vehicles.

University partners

شعار جامعة الباحة
شعار جامعة الملك سعود
شعار جامعة الملك خالد
شعار المؤسسة العامة للتدريب التقني والمهندي
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