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تطبيق سكوترات كهربائية

How to Get Around with BSKL

We aim to facilitate the movement and transportation of individuals, we seek to change the shape of the city and redesign the modern street life. We seek to create transportation that takes you to your destination as quickly as possible and revive cities by allowing individuals to move in their streets freely, smoothly, and enjoyably.

how to ride bskl scooter scan qr code


Scan barcode

Scan the QR code to unlock the scooter and start your ride

riding with kick off method to start accelarating with bskl scooter



Place one foot on the scooter's deck, then push off with your other foot to start moving. Once you are moving, press the pedal to accelerate

park scooter in a designated area when you finish your ride


Scooter Parking

Finished your trip? Park your scooter in the designated area

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