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Bskl: Providing scooters in Khuzam suburb for urban mobility and environmental preservation

bskl scooter in khuzam suburb

An exceptional agreement has been signed between Bskl and Khuzam suburb, aiming to provide sustainable urban transport services by offering Bskl scooters in the suburban area. This contract is a positive step towards promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation in the region, as part of joint efforts to preserve and enhance its sustainability.

bskl is delighted to offer this innovative and reliable service, which aims to improve the quality of life and facilitate mobility in the suburb. Additionally, it will provide a comfortable and convenient riding experience for residents and visitors, contributing to alleviating traffic congestion and enhancing movement in the area.

This initiative is a proactive step towards environmental improvement and the promotion of eco-friendly transportation, reflecting Bskl's commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the needs of local communities

e scooter in khuzam suburb

What is Khuzam suburb?

Khuzam suburb is one of the upscale suburbs in the Riyadh area. It was established and developed by giant companies that place significant emphasis on the quality of facilities.

It was created with the aim of expanding residential units equipped with the latest technologies, while preserving the old heritage that attracts attention.

It enjoys full support for basic needs such as markets and hospitals, with authorities working hard to ensure an ideal life that suits all residents. Khuzam suburb is located in the northeast of the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh. It covers an area of 30,459,614 square meters, making it one of the largest suburbs in the region in terms of area.

It is classified among the residential suburbs established by the National Housing Association. It consists of a number of residential branches and provides an integrated living environment for its residents.

e bike in khuzam suburb

How did Bskl's scooters contribute to providing sustainable transportation for the residents of Khuzam suburb?

bskl scooters have contributed to providing sustainable transportation for the residents of Khuzam suburb by offering an easy and flexible means of commuting within the suburb.

They have improved access to various locations within the suburb, reducing traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

Additionally, they have helped raise awareness about eco-friendly transportation and encouraged residents to embrace alternative modes of transportation that preserve the environment and enhance the quality of life in the suburb.

Watch a video from the National Housing Authority:

The initiative to provide sustainable transportation in our cities is considered a vital step towards preserving the environment and enhancing the quality of life in urban communities.

This initiative contributes to reducing harmful gas emissions and minimizing air and noise pollution, thereby aiding in safeguarding the health of city dwellers and improving the quality of the air they breathe.

Furthermore, this initiative encourages the adoption of more sustainable lifestyles and motivates people to consider using alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles and walking, which helps alleviate traffic congestion and improve traffic flow.

Initiatives like these work to raise awareness about the importance of environmental preservation and health, contributing to building healthier and more sustainable cities for future generations.

bskl scooter in khuzam suburb

Why did Bskl initiate the provision of eco-friendly and sustainable transportation?

Bskl took the initiative to provide eco-friendly and sustainable transportation due to the crucial role that social and environmental responsibility plays in its strategic vision.

Through this initiative, Bskl aims to reduce the negative impacts of excessive reliance on traditional transportation methods that heavily depend on fossil fuels and cause harmful emissions.

Furthermore, Bskl seeks to raise awareness about the importance of using environmentally friendly transportation as a significant step in promoting environmental sustainability.

This commitment reflects its vision of building sustainable communities and improving the quality of life for individuals.

By providing electric scooters and other alternative modes of transportation, Bskl aims to encourage people to adopt healthier and more sustainable lifestyles that serve the interests of society and the environment.

Watch a video coverage by the National Housing Authority expressing their concern for a healthy environment and sports.

The Importance of Environmental Health and Promoting Sports in Khuzam Suburb:

Environmental health and sports are among the most important aspects contributing to the enhancement of the quality of life in Khuzam suburb. Preserving a healthy environment reflects a strong commitment to providing green spaces and beautiful gardens that work to improve air quality and reduce pollution. This healthy environment provides opportunities for residents to enjoy sports activities in refreshing and stimulating atmospheres.

Khuzam suburb encourages sports and physical activity by providing diverse and advanced sports facilities, such as cycling tracks, football fields, tennis courts, and others. These facilities aim to promote physical fitness and public health for the suburb's residents, contributing to the promotion of healthy living and regular physical activity among individuals.

Additionally, green spaces play a crucial role in promoting mental and psychological well-being, providing a serene and comfortable environment for residents to relax and enjoy their leisure time. Providing such a healthy environment and opportunities for physical activity enhances the sense of happiness and satisfaction among the suburb's residents, contributing to building a healthy and balanced community.

Khuzam suburb has greatly benefited from technology and intelligence in improving and facilitating smart and eco-friendly transportation. By adopting the latest technologies in public and private transportation, the suburb has succeeded in providing integrated and intelligent transportation services that efficiently meet the needs of its residents.

The suburb's emphasis on integrating modern technology and intelligence in providing eco-friendly transportation reflects its commitment to sustainable development and improving the quality of life for both its residents and visitors.

Thanks to the bskl application, users can easily and safely rent electric scooters and bicycles. The application allows users to search for the nearest available electric bike or scooter for use and reserve it through the application before arrival. This application is a convenient and effective solution for users who wish to commute in the suburb using eco-friendly transportation.

The application facilitates access to electric bikes and scooters, providing a convenient and efficient means of commuting between different locations within the suburb. This service contributes to reducing traffic congestion and promoting a culture of sustainable transportation in the community, ultimately leading to the improvement of the quality of life and the environment in the suburb.

person scanning qr code to start a ride with bskl e bike

What is Bskl application?

Bskl application is an intelligent app that provides a direct and immediate scooter and electric bike rental service in public places. The application aims to encourage the use of alternative and sustainable transportation, in order to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, thereby contributing to environmental preservation.

Thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface, users can easily access scooters and electric bikes available in their vicinity. Users can search for nearby scooters and electric bikes and reserve them through the app with a single tap. The app also provides detailed information about pickup and delivery locations and usage costs, making the rental experience seamless and convenient.

The Bskl initiative is considered an important step towards promoting a culture of sustainable transportation and encouraging individuals to adopt eco-friendly transportation in their daily lives. This initiative aims to provide efficient and convenient transportation solutions that meet the needs of the entire community, contributing to the creation of a sustainable and healthy environment for everyone.

bksl e bike parked

Bskl App:

You can now download the Bskl app to learn more information and explore all the services it offers. Use the following links to access the Bskl app:

For iOS Device:

bskl app for iphone

for Android device:

bskl app for android

Through this application, you will be able to access a variety of services and benefits provided by Bskl, including easy and fast rental of scooters and electric bikes. Enjoy a modern and convenient transportation experience with Bskl.


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