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Bskl App ... Your Nearest Electric Scooter Companion in KSA

تطبيق بسكل لتاجير السكوترات القريبه مني

Bskl App offers a plethora of fantastic features to enhance your commuting experience. With the Bskl app, you have the power to designate service zones where scooters are available, gain insights into restricted areas and zones with speed limits, and identify green zones for unrestricted exploration.

Furthermore, the app allows for seamless payment transactions at the end of your Bskl scooter journey. It encompasses a comprehensive menu including offers, support, past rides, designated zones, FAQs, and most importantly, your profile section. In this profile section, you have the capability to modify your information, such as updating your name, contact details, or changing your password

How to Use the App:

كيف استخدم تطبيق بسكل لتاجير السكوترات القريبة مني

Given that you're dealing with a modern scooter, undoubtedly, this will be facilitated through an app – and that app is Bskl.

It's the platform that grants you the joy of scooter riding. To get started, simply download the app using the provided download links at the end of this article.

Afterward, proceed to register by entering your email and phone number. Once registered, the app will greet you with its user interface, as illustrated in the image.

All you need to do is scan the barcode to unlock the scooter and then embark on a delightful journey with Bskl.

App Features

  1. Service Zone Definition: The green area on the map, also known as the service zone, allows you to roam freely without any restrictions.

  2. Speed Adjustment in Designated Areas: The yellow zone on the map requires you to reduce and adjust your speed as much as possible until exiting this area.

  3. Designated Parking Spaces: These are allocated spots where you can park the scooter once your journey is complete. These parking spaces are not random; they're specifically assigned for scooters.

  4. Restricted Areas: The red zone on the map signifies areas where riding the scooter is prohibited. Even if attempted, the scooter's throttle will disengage and won't function until you return to either the green service zone or the designated service area.

  5. Multi-User Access: Anyone can provide their friends the opportunity to experience a scooter ride through the app by adding a new ride.

  6. Supports both Arabic and English languages.

App Payment Methods:

When it comes to payment within the app, you can seamlessly utilize a variety of bank cards, including Mastercard, Visa, Mada cards, and other cards specified in the program. This feature is accessible through the payment section, positioned as the initial option within the app.

Moreover, you also have the convenience of adding credit directly from this section, along with the option to use Apple Pay.

Download the App from Google Play

Download the App from App Store


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