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Exploring IoT Applications: Case Study of BSKL Company's Influence on Shared Scooters

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that represents a system of devices and objects connected to the Internet, enabling them to interact and exchange data intelligently and continuously. IoT is an innovative technology that transforms how we interact with objects and the environment around us, bringing about significant changes in various industries. In this article, we will examine a use case of IoT technology in the field of shared scooters and how the company BSKL benefited from this technology to develop an innovative scooter system.

The Concept of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a system that facilitates communication among physical objects equipped with sensors, data processing systems, and the Internet. This interaction allows for the collection, sharing, and use of data for various purposes. IoT applications can include smart home devices like thermostats, cameras, wearables, vehicles, and many other devices.

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Uses of the Internet of Things

IoT technology enables numerous creative applications across various industries, including:

  1. Industry and Manufacturing: IoT devices can be used to monitor and maintain industrial equipment, increasing productivity. Smart sensors provide accurate data on equipment performance and predict potential failures.

  2. Healthcare: In healthcare, IoT can continuously monitor patients' conditions, track medications, and provide remote treatment.

  3. Agriculture: IoT can be used to monitor crops and environmental conditions on farms, improving agricultural productivity and reducing waste.

  4. Transportation: In transportation, IoT techniques can track shipments, manage traffic, and enhance public transportation.

BSKL and Its Utilization of IoT Technology

BSKL has significantly benefited from IoT technology in developing its system. How did they do it?

BSKL equipped its scooters with smart sensors that gather data about the scooter's condition and usage. These devices provide real-time information about the battery, location, speed, and mechanical status of each scooter. Additionally, BSKL can accurately track the location of each scooter using GPS technology and mobile network connectivity.

This tracking guides customers to available scooters nearby. Through the analysis of data collected by sensors, BSKL can improve scooter maintenance and predict potential issues.

To enhance the customer experience, BSKL offers a connected application that allows customers to locate scooters, make reservations, and pay directly, making the customer experience more convenient.

scanning qr code to unlock scooter from application

The Internet of Things:

IoT device for scooter

The Internet of Things is an incredible technology increasingly used in various industries. BSKL has greatly benefited from this technology to improve its shared scooter rental system.

This example demonstrates how IoT technology can enhance services and facilitate customer interactions with objects around them, ultimately improving the user experience and achieving better business performance.

The Internet of Things is not just a new technology; it is a revolution that brings profound changes to how we think and interact with the world around us. Companies like BSKL play a crucial role in harnessing this transformation to improve services and better meet customer needs.


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