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Why you should select BSKL's Scooter for your daily commute?

Why choose Bicycle scooters for your short commutes?

The BSKL sharing scooter is the result of five years of experience in the field of electric scooters by BSKL Company. It is a specialized Saudi brand that owns more than ten branches in the cities of Riyadh and Diriyah in the Kingdom. It was launched specifically to keep pace with modern developments in the field of transport and communication, due to its ease of use and its An enjoyable means of transport and communication at the same time, and in this article we will explain to you what motivates you to choose the BSKL sharing scooter in your daily transportation?

Mobility safety with the BSKL shared scooter:

First of all, the electric scooter that BSKL offers you has the highest levels of safety. It is made entirely of a strong aluminum frame with a larger size for an enjoyable ride, and also to help it bear various weights, in addition to a side stand that reduces falls, and a shock-absorbing assistant. To mitigate the effects resulting from any collision you may encounter while riding the BSKL sharing scooter, this is also with additional reflectors and lighting. To facilitate night driving and in dark places, and to avoid any accidents resulting from lack of clear vision.

The Skull sharing scooter also has waterproof strength, which prevents the rust of its frame and driving parts, and resulting malfunctions, in addition to a 500-watt motor and a smart battery that lasts up to forty kilometres, which provides you with a safe and enjoyable ride with the electric scooter, especially with its ease of driving. It does not require much experience, as it handles it automatically while driving, and presses the brakes when you want to stop.

Advanced smart applications:

The Biskal application is a smart and advanced application

In addition, the BSKL sharing scooter is linked electronically to the servers running the application, which makes it easier to follow the electric scooter and monitor its movement. To avoid any type of accident, the application identifies the places in which it is permitted to move using an electric scooter, and the other places in which it is forbidden to move. If the user exceeds the permitted areas into the prohibited areas, the BSKL sharing scooter issues an alert warning the user to return to the permitted area. The application also determines the speed limit in each area and alerts the user to it. So as not to exceed it, which prevents accidents and collisions.

The user can also share the use of the electric scooter with his friends through his personal account on the application, without the need to activate a new account for each person. All that is required to do is add a new trip according to the place and purpose. The application also provides use in both Arabic and English. To be available to citizens and residents, Arabs or foreigners alike.

Electric scooters are environmentally friendly:

Despite what is currently being raised about environmental and climate issues, and the dangers of climate change resulting from carbon emissions and gases resulting from industrial devices and various traditional means of transportation, many people still use them, but if you are careful To preserve the environment and make a contribution to this; You will tend to use the BSKL sharing scooter as an alternative to traditional industrial means of transportation, as the electric scooter works by charging its battery through electrical energy, and does not emit any harmful gases during use that lead to pollution of the atmosphere and the surrounding environment, making the air purer. It causes diseases of the respiratory system.

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Different purposes of use:

In addition, you can use the BSKL sharing scooter for different purposes; You can use it on your daily commute, such as going to and from work, going to the market, taking necessary trips, etc. You can also use the electric scooter on family outings and walking around on the Corniche, for example. You can also rent it to practice riding the electric scooter in the places designated for that, and also participate In sports competitions available in your area.


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