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BSKL and Roads

Preserving the environment and reducing pollution are key goals of Vision 2030, as outlined by His Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. At BSKL, we are committed to helping achieve these goals by reducing pollution and providing healthy and safe transportation options for everyone. We aim to make our streets safer and more accessible for those who want to use alternative means to private vehicles

سكوترات غزال

streets for everyone

We collaborate with the relevant authorities to create safe and vibrant streets for everyone. We believe that change is best achieved through collaboration. Whether you are a city commuter, an official, or a resident, we want to hear your suggestions and amplify your voice

A new era of mobility

In today's world, many people are turning to non-car mobility methods for a variety of reasons, including avoiding traffic congestion, reducing their carbon footprint, or simply having more fun. We believe that everyone has the right to move safely and conveniently around their city without a car, which is why we offer scooters and bicycles for rent

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