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تطبيق سكوترات بسكل

BSKL and Safety

Are you familiar with the safety and security instruction

Take the BSKL Safety Test and get a discount code and a free helmet

safety and security using bskl scooter rental

BSKL Scooters: Tips for Safe and Fun Riding

scooter in the street

BSKL in the street

Riding a scooter at the edge of the sidewalk or over a wooded area can be dangerous because it can be difficult to control the scooter and drivers may not see you. To stay safe, always ride your scooter on the bike path or on the street

Obey, to be safe

As a cyclist, you are subject to the same laws and rights as a car passenger. This means that you must obey traffic signals, yield to pedestrians, and not carry more than one passenger. However, there is one big difference: you are more likely to be happy while cycling than while driving. This is because cycling is a more active and enjoyable form of transportation

obey the rules to be safe when you rent scooter from bskl app
your head is important always wear helmet when riding scooter

Your head is the most valuable thing you own

Your helmet is on your head, always

when you finish your ride from bskl app park aside and end your trip

Park Aside

When parking a scooter, be considerate of pedestrians, people with disabilities or visual impairments, bus stops, and doorways

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