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Mastering Scooter Rentals: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using App-Based Services

شخص يمسح باركود دراجة كهربائية لبدء الرحلة من تطبيق بسكل

There are multiple ways to move from one place to another in your city now. Electric scooters are available in most areas of the kingdom under the brand name BSKL Scooters. Through the BSKL app, you can easily rent the nearest electric scooter to you at reasonable prices.

سكوتر بسكل ايقونة

Quickly and Easily Reserve a Scooter
واجهة مستخدم تطبيق بسكل
  • Using the app, select the nearest scooter to you, scan the QR Code, and begin a truly enjoyable ride.

Immerse yourself in the delightful adventure::
  • Experience the joy of riding. Move freely around. Feel the power of the scooter's acceleration.

Optimize your peak times with smoother, swifter, and more enjoyable travels.

Safety First:
خوذه السلامة لسكوترات بسكل

  • Prioritize safety for yourself and others. Always give pedestrians the right of way. Pay attention to your speed. Avoid riding the scooter on steep slopes.


How to Ride a Scooter


واجهة تطبيق بسكل للايفون

Choose a scooter to book through the app, or make your way to the closest scooter to you.

Through the app, search for the scooter closest to you and choose to begin the journey to reserve the scooter. Alternatively, head to the nearest scooter in your vicinity. You'll discover all available scooters and bicycles within the app.

صورة ايقونية تشرح مسح الباركود من السكوتر

To start your ride, use the app to scan the scooter's barcode

To start your ride on a scooter or electric bike, find a scooter with a barcode. You can scan the barcode or enter the scooter's number manually. Then, select "Start Ride

صورة ايقونية تشرح طريقة بدء الرحلة للسكوتر


Experience the freedom of electric scootering. Kick off to start, and use the right handlebar to accelerate and brake.


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