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It's Time to Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Urban Mobility

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We are constantly changing and developing our goals and offer more than just convenient and easy mobility. We strive to rise to the level of leadership in the development of urban transport and implement new technologies that move the cities in which we live in a sustainable way forward. From day one, we have been committed to providing simple and affordable forms of mobility that help people get around in an environmentally friendly way. We develop services that make our businesses and cities more sustainable.

Micro mobility methods such as electric scooters and bicycles have been criticized for their short market lives. Previously, they were seen more as entertainment than environmentally friendly transport. It was also mainly used by children and adults who had personal cars.

However, in recent years, ride hailing has begun to gain popularity. This is due to the many benefits it offers such as environmental friendliness, ease of use and convenience. It also provides a good short-distance mobility mode, which helps reduce traffic congestion.

As a result, many cities are starting to welcome taxis. Transportation companies have also started investing in these vehicles, which has led to an increase in their number on the streets.

At BSKL, we saw this as a great opportunity to change people's attitudes towards scooters or mini-mobility in general. We took the opportunity, developed it and released it to the general public. We also provide information about the use of scooters, as well as the use of cars on short trips.

Now we see the results of our work. People are increasingly aware of the need to use sustainable modes of transport such as scooters and bicycles. They also became more interested in these means than in the use of cars on the roads.

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We are responsible

We are responsible for climate change. We are responsible for unnecessary carbon emissions. We are responsible for the threat to sustainability in our cities.

But we are not powerless. We can do something about it. We can become more resilient in our daily lives. We can use sustainable mobility. We can buy local products. We can properly dispose of waste.

These things may not seem like much, but they add up to everything. If we all work together, we can achieve great results. We can reverse climate change. We can protect the environment. We can create a more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

The solutions have come now, and we must use them out of a sense of responsibility towards our environment.


Sustainability is our goal

We have set the industry standard for sustainability. But we always know that we can offer innovative ways to reduce operating costs and unnecessary emissions.

We are working to provide solutions in our cities to get rid of any cause that could harm the environment. Because we are driven by only one goal - sustainability. And it all starts from the inside, and then from the outside.

how to do it?

When we started the problem of recharging batteries, we were happy to build an infrastructure distributed across cities for recharging using renewable energy sources. This idea will help us reduce operational travel in our fleet management, and these charging stations can provide self-service recharging. For example, if you arrive close to a station, you can get a discount on your trip if you put the battery on the charger or replace it yourself.

These ideas are still under development, but we are committed to bringing them to life.

We are confident that people are aware of the environment in which they live and are responsible to it.

charging points:

We aim to make micromobility more sustainable. We believe that the idea of charging points that will be distributed in multiple locations, either within the centers or in stores and restaurants, is a good way to achieve this goal.

The more such points in the city, the less operational trips to replace scooter batteries. This will help reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in cities.

Placing charging points in stores will be an important factor in attracting more customers to them. Customers will be able to charge their scooters while shopping or having lunch, saving time and effort.

This idea will initially be tested in some areas of the city of Riyadh. We hope that it will be successful and we will be able to distribute it to other cities in Saudi Arabia.


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