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King Saud University and BSKL Launch Sustainable Transportation Initiative

King Saud University uses Bskl's scooter for fast and easy mobility

In an effort to achieve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions, King Saud University has announced a partnership with BSKL to provide electric scooters for students and staff.

This partnership is an important step in supporting Vision 2030, which aims to reduce reliance on private cars and increase the use of sustainable transportation. It will also help to improve the quality of life for students and staff by making it easier for them to get around the campus and beyond without the need for cars.

BSKL scooters offer a number of benefits to students and staff, including:

  • They are a quick and easy way to get around.

  • They are environmentally friendly and produce no carbon emissions.

  • BSKL's special prices for universities make its scooters a more affordable and appealing option for students and staff.

  • They are fun to ride, as they provide an exciting and enjoyable driving experience.

How BSKL contributes to environmental balance

BSKL seeks to achieve environmental balance by providing sustainable transportation services. The company offers a variety of sustainable transportation options, including:

  • Electric scooters

  • Electric Bikes

  • Bikes

These modes of transportation help to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. They also help to reduce traffic congestion and improve the quality of life for citizens.

BSKL is one of the leading companies in the field of sustainable transportation in the Kingdom. The company is working to expand the scope of its services to include more cities in the Kingdom. It is also working to develop new sustainable modes of transportation, such as electric buses and electric trains.

The partnership between King Saud University and BSKL is an important step in supporting sustainability and improving the quality of life for students and staff. It is also a model to be emulated by other universities in the Kingdom.


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